Where to Play Live Poker in United Kingdom

Online Poker gaming is booming in the UK every day, large numbers of people are taking part in playing from home via Internet.

However, playing poker live is a whole different experience: during the Live Poker Games, you are able to watch and unite forces with your opponents; the process grants an entire new status to the poker game.

So, Let us point at the best places where you can play Live Poker in the UK?


The Poker competitions are hosted in almost every local casino. Regularly, the poker games look like a stimulator to drive you inside; but, you can meet excellent poker opponents in there.

Good references to play poker in UK are Aspers casino in Newcastle and Vic casino in London; both casinos own thriving poker rooms.


Lately, devoted poker clubs have been booming all over the UK nations and cities; all the way from the celebrated Gut shot club in London, towards the whole new Dusk ’til Dawn club in Nottingham.

To be straight forward and honest, the majority of these clubs are running illegal operations, but there are no unclean changing people. So, some of the best playing poker tournaments with friendly people might be available in your own neighboring poker clubs.

Home Games

Home poker games are optimized for you at every given time you wish to take part of a poker tournament or game with small bets; as a poker player, you can refer to the online gaming for the purpose of finding public home games addresses, in case you are unable to get one together with your fellows.


As unseen before, the pubs will also be capable of embracing poker games in return for small wagers, due to the changes of regulations that were initiated throughout this particular year. Contact any of your local proprietors and get informed about a hosted game!


The poker world is also found within universities; Poker tournaments and poker games are currently being organized inside of the campuses as fine as in local casinos. For students, the campuses of their universities represent the best places to host and play live poker games.

Notice that wherever you are playing Live Poker, you must be sure to practice your mix up before heading towards being seated around a poker table. Since the biggest part of the Live Poker games in the UK is a self treated issue (even in casinos), and strictly controlled by the basic poker regulations, otherwise, your first test into this stimulating world of live poker might be too short!

Professionals of British Poker

The world’s best celebrities in the Live poker games are based in the United States, where it is possible to win millions of dollars every season.

It is well known that the world’s best money earning is taking part during the World Poker Tour and the World Series of Poke that is both celebrated in the United States. Several analysts and people believe it is a huge hassle for British experts, but the long distances did not prevent them from edifying a status of their own on the worldwide theater.

In the following, we can provide you with a briefing about some of the best poker players that are worth being checked:

Dave Colclough

Welshman Colclough, also known as the ‘El Blondie’ made it to the peak as he achieved a remarkable achievement that included a back-to-back ultimate tables during  WSOP 2004 and WSOP 2005 $2000 Pot Limit Omaha episode, a £70,000 profit in the Walsall during season 2005, and an extra profit after reacing the 2nd position of cash throughout the Omaha and Hold’em dealings in 2004′s Euro championship of Poker.

Dave Ulliot

Dave Ulliot, or Dave The Devilfish is most probably the best expert in playing live poker for real money poker; Dave, as a poker player, has been defeating the highest cash games and poker tournaments for several years. During the 2006 World Poker Classic, Dave hurt down with a profit at the Five Diamond WPC, hosted in Las Vegas; he was later on dribbled off the 2007 with a massive profit at the Gold Strike World Poker Open in Tunica. Dave Devilfish Ulliot is one of the most known celebrities at the Late Night Poker, the poker TV program.

Julian Gardner

Julian Gardner (born in Manchester) has been able to reach one of Britain’s best ends across the pool, with a massive 2nd place during the poker final of the 2002 WSOP; Gardner trailed by 10 cashes in consecutive years; he is one of England’s most talented and admired poker players, especially due to his contributions with newspapers like ‘Inside Poker’ magazine and other media channels.

Roland de Wolfe

Roland is one of Britain’s emerging talents of poker, as he gets higher in terms of celebrity and fame; Roland de Wolfe used to operate as a journalist and managed to shine after winning the Irish EPT, 3 WSOP cashes aside of 3 WPT cashes. Furthermore, Roland added a in Paris during the final 2 years single-handedly. Roland features in several televised trials and is considered to be a usual provider of articles for various British poker newspapers.

The Hendon Mob

The Hendon Mob is a group of poker players that started performing during the early days of Late Night Poker and who turned out to be the most popular in the British poker live.

The poker group included Joe Beevers, Ram Vaswani and Barny and Ross Boatman; they gathered millions of pounds in poker real money winnings, not to mention the profits acquired by one of the friendliest poker sites and poker online panels of

John Gale

John Gale is a new poker player in the industry of gambling business; the new British poker player  had to quit is initial job after winning the 2005 WPT Caribbean Adventure and started a professional poker career. Ever since he took that decision, Gale grew in money making, reaching a million after the other, not to mention the pickup of a WSOP bracelet along with 5 cashes and a 2nd position.

Gale and his bear-mug are always on a standby, knowing that he is swiftly becoming one of most famous popular figures on the United Kingdom’s poker scenes.

The mentioned poker players are ones of the best in Britain’s poker tournaments and games; we went through Britain’s poker specialists, at least the best among them.

These poker performers are among the many who earned millions of pounds, through poker real money tournaments; still, we don’t have even to forget the multitude of experts at the cash poker games who are making millions of pounds away from the poker TV coverage.

Poker in the UK and Britain is massively booming and boosting, making out of itself, a very promising future as an activity or profession.

It is important for a proficient poker team player to keep an eye upon the stated features, at every time he is willing to Bluff. Never forget that the best poker player is the performer who manages to bluff in the right time and at the right place, and most of all, in front of good players.

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