Stud Cash Games Online

Seven card stud used to be one of the most popular forms of poker before the poker boom. After 2003, the game has all but died inside many brick and mortar casinos. With the exception of maybe the Los Angeles area, the best you can usually hope for in many casinos is to find a $1 – $5 spread limit stud game. However, stud is alive and well on many online poker poker sites. Let’s take a look at where you can play stud cash games online.

PokerStars is at the top of the list of places that spread stud games online. All three variants of stud are offered at most of the lower and middle limits. If you are new to the game, limits go as low as .02 – .04 with a penny ante. You will find most of the lower stakes players to be either new to the game or very loose. Quite a few are Holdem players trying out a new game. The income potential in these games are great, but the swings can be as well.

Full Tilt Poker offers all the typical stud variants as well. One main difference between Full Tilt and other sites is that you will regularly find pro players playing at the lower limits of these games. Part of this is due to their endorsement contracts and part of it is that even the pros need to keep their game sharp. Cyndy Violette, Paul Sexton, and Artie Cobb are regular players you will see at lower limits. However, low limits is not the only place you will see the pros. High limit stud action regularly takes place on the site. Online and named pros alike will take their shots at the higher limits and on occasion you will see some pros playing nosebleed stud stakes.

Bwin is another site that regularly spreads stud on their site. The only downside to Bwin is the fact that US players are not accepted. As a result, you do not have the insane player database of Stars or Tilt. However, Bwin is still on the fifth ranked poker network in the world. As a result there are still plenty of games and income potential. Low and mid stakes stud an stud hi-lo is what you will find on this site. They offer higher stakes but they don’t go off too often. If the US ever drops the UIGEA, expect Bwin to offer a stiff challenge to the big boys of online poker.

Party Poker is another site that does not offer its games to the US, but that has stopped them from being one of the largest sites online. Part of the reason that the site is so popular is due to the fact they have so many fish. Honesty hurts, but the truth is the truth. As a whole, the competition on Party has been weaker than other sites. Many US players miss growing their bankrolls on this site, including the author of this article. The stud games, especially stud 8 games, were really soft and provided great income potential. Party still offers the games and odds are they are still plenty soft.

UB and Absolute Poker both spread stud games on their site but in reality, you will likely only find lower stake games on these sites. Both sites are on the Cereus network and both have been history Holdem heavy in their games. All of the stud variants are spread at the site, so players do have a choice, but stud players have not flocked to these games. However, if you like to play sit and go tournaments, the tournaments on these sites start as cheap as .29 cents. While they don’t go off nearly as often as the other games, you usually can find some type of stud sit and go during peak hours on the site.

When looking to play stud cash games online, you first need to think about which stud variant you are going to play. Which game you play will impact your site choice. If you are a razz player, in reality you will have a very limit number of choices. Stud and stud 8 games are usually pretty equal in following on the sites that offer them, but if you are a stud 8 player, you will have to make sure there are enough games to meet your needs. If a site only spreads one or two tables, then you may wind up playing only against regulars on the site. As a result, your profit margin will be greatly reduced.

The above list of sites are really the first places that you will want to check out when you are looking for a place to play stud cash games online. Check out the game spreads, the limits, and the traffic to determine whether the site is a fit. If it is, make a deposit and take your seat. There are profits to be made in stud. You just need to go out and find them.

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