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Play poker online to Save the Planet and the Iceberg

Our Poker Ice Facebook application is made to be Green and environmental friendly.

As a way to contribute in saving our planet earth and the Iceberg, different measures were put into action, not to mention the ability to sacrifice time, money and human force to rescue our globe, or shall I say, what’s left of it!

When cars’ manufacturing giants and large production companies announced their will to go green by reducing toxics, things looked like a miracle that’s impossible to achieve; however, with the new inventions and the development of technologies, going green is evolving massively, but slowly. Nonetheless, an increase in “Go Green” at a slow tempo is still considered as a triumph for the battle between Nature and Human waste (gas, fuel, toxics, acids, carbon…).

Going green with www.PokerIce.com is not only a matter of reducing smokes coming out of cars exhausts, industries’ outlets or petroleum filters; it also consists on recycling what looks like a potential material to be reproduced and re-fabricated in order to reduce both, cost and pollution. Cleanliness is a major fact in the Poker Ice process, since nature is sometimes incapable of decompose certain materials dropped by humans carelessly.

Why Poker Ice?
Pokerice was founded in 2005. Since then, the whole group of efforts and density of researches are aimed to one principle goal; Going Green is not just a matter of reducing pollution, but is also a way to extend the existence of humans upon the planet earth. The increased volume of pollution, throughout the years, has been accompanied by a decline in the number of forests, trees and natural landscapes and that itself, is considered as a loss of the most important health factors in the world, since trees and other plants are known and credited for supplying oxygen, and reducing the flow of Carbon in the air that we breath.

With the diminishing of these healthy factors (trees, air, hygiene…), a new scientific concern has been annoying all the developed or under developing nations: Global Warming!
Global warming, in a brief explanation, is the raise of temperature that the planet earth is affected by, increasingly year after year, month after month. In countries where the average of temperature was 30 degrees Celsius 2 years ago, a notice of 2 additional degrees has been witnessed between 2007 and 2009. Higher temperatures and less rain: the perfect combination to turn our Earth into a desert, dry, frying and impossible to live upon. Are we heading to the end?
Ever had in mind that if global warming continues, cities like California will reside under water? The Cali city will disappear and become a monument to remember! What about the Netherlands? Aren’t the Dutch known for living below the sea level?

How to contribute in the “Going Green” process?
Seminars and Webinars hosted around the world tend to clarify the reasons, consequences and the ways to prevent any additional damage to our environment; from recycling, reducing the usage of toxic materials, reducing smoke out cars…
But we, at poker onlineice.com, we help saving out planet by playing poker online… as much as it seems funny, the idea is 100% effective in both directions: you can enjoy a normal game of poker online, and you can help in cleaning the earth through betting, gambling and bidding upon your poker online table.
Either an Omaha, Texas Hold’em or any other poker online game’s fan, you have the opportunity to participate in raising funds for the purpose of cleaning and participating in the procedure of saving the earth.

pokerice.com is a non-profit organization; all the earned money from poker online rakes are immediately transferred to centers that are specialized in studying ways of reducing the ice melt of the poles and of halting the increase of global warming.

pokerice.com is highly dedicated to redirect its poker online earnings to the scientific centers which goal is to create efficient and effective solutions for that particular natural disaster that’s threatening our existence. While playing poker Facebook online or playing poker online in casinos was pointed at as a non-responsible behavior, it has now been categorized under a decent cause: Play poker online to save the Planet.

What could be more valuable than taking part of keeping the ice from breaking under our feet? Without further effort or additional time spending, you are given the opportunity to sign up to www.poker onlineice.com and place your poker online bets upon one of the most successful and secure poker online tables online.
Playing poker Facebook online has never been so resourceful… saving the ice from melting and contributing in reducing the global warming is a must and a duty that obliges us to neglect our money profits in favor of the planet earth. Please, let us join hands and participate in resolving the most crucial ecological and environmental issue in human history.

Advantages of playing poker Facebook online with PokerIce.com:

1- Gamble, bet and bid in one of the most secure poker online sites
2- Take part of poker online tournaments and benefit from free bonus gifts
3- Get along the challenge with similar-minded poker online fans
4- You will win even by losing; all gathered money by the house are redirected to the ecological centers of research.

Feel free to contact us for comments, suggestions, questions or anything else, at info.pokerice [at] gmail.com.

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