Real Money Poker

While some people play poker for fun, many players want to play money poker.  The primary goal of many is to earn a profit by playing poker, but many do not really know the best route in getting started in playing poker for money.  Let’s take a look at some options for those of you wanting to play poker for money.  We will skip the obvious option of playing poker inside of a live casino and focus on other live and online poker options.

If you do a search online for poker real money, you will run across dozens of websites ranging from the rules of the game to ads for various online casinos.  However, you do not need to look online for a live poker game.  One of the easiest ways to setup a real money game is to host a live poker game of your own.  Chances are that you have buddies that play poker or are interested in playing poker.  If so, invite them over to your house for a friendly poker game.

Chances are that your buddies will want to play Texas Holdem, but just in case, you may want to brush up on all the games of poker and even get a copy of Robert’s Rules of Poker to have a handy rulebook available.  The best way to get a real money game going is to offer a game at stakes that most players are comfortable losing money at.  Once you get your game going, do you best to make it fun and enjoyable for all.  If you keep it fun, your friends will want to come back, and that means more profit for you in the long run.

Of course, many players would rather just play online.  If you search on Google for poker real money online, you will run across a ton of different options for playing poker online.  The most popular options are Full Tilt Poker and  These are the biggest and best sites on the net.   Of course, there are other sites such as Partypoker, Bwin, Doyles Room, Cake, etc.  The availability of these sites depends on what country you live in.

Some of you may want to play poker online but aren’t comfortable putting money on a site from your account. If you do a search for poker real money free online, you will find various options for playing poker without putting up a dime.  Most of these games come in the form of free roll tournaments.  A free roll tournament is a tournament that is free for players to enter that pays a small number of players in real cash or an entry into another tournament that as a cash prize.  Be warned, most of these tournaments have massive fields and pay about one percent of the field.  However, if you cash or even win one of these, the money you win is yours to keep and you can use it to play any game on the site your new bankroll will support.

How many of you out there are Mac users?  In the past, Mac users were shut out of playing poker online.  This has changed in recent years.  If you do a search for

poker real money on mac, you will find several options for playing poker on a mac.  First, PokerStars offers a mac compatible version of their software.  Also, Cereus offers a mac compatible client via their Absolute Poker brand.  If these do not work for you, you do have a more technical option.  There are programs known as PC Emulators that one can download that will give you a self contained version of windows that runs as a program.  You can then download, install, and then run windows applications from within the emulator.  PC Emulators are not always stable and an option recommended for more advanced PC users.

Some players want to play but do not want to install the full client on their pc.  Also, there are some that want to play on computers that do not belong to them, such as a work or school pc.  For those of you in this situation, do a search for poker real money without dowload on Google.  Bwin offers a no download client for their users.  Absolute Poker offers a no download version of their software in addition to their normal client.  Pacific Poker is yet another option for those of you wanting to play poker without having to download software.

With the popularity of the iPhone, many players are looking for a way to play poker on the iPhone.  A search for poker real money on iPhone will reveal information about iPhone applications, but at the moment there are no iPhone applications for playing poker for money on the iPhone.  However, something that players can attempt is using a no download option for certain poker sites.  First, you must install Java on your iPhone.  Once you install Java, try to use a no download program from Bwin, Absolute Poker, or similar site.  There are reports that there have been some security problems with using online poker, so the chances of getting this to work is not guaranteed.

As you can see, there are many options for playing real money poker for those wanting options outside of the casino.  Depending on your preferred method, some setup may be required to get started, but once your at the tables, you will be well on your way to making money playing poker.  Good luck to you at the tables.


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