Play Free Poker to Fight Global Warming

Take a moment to read this passage; though it looks very technical, but it beholds a ton of information that would trigger the human side in each and everyone of us. the ethics are missing but more likely to get back for it is the only thing that would help in saving our planet from the polluting effects.

you can not avoid feeling guilty about your earth’s infinity coming to an end, especially if you are one of those who caused a mere pollution; from throwing a paper until causing gaz emissions, you are one of the factors who contributed in the elevation of temperature in this world.

How to compensate what you did wrong?

Play poker free to save the planet; at, playing free poker is available but each and every financial bet with real money onto a poker table will be immediately directed towards forestation, cleaning, recycling and developing through R&D centers.

The security of our environment is a must, a duty and a major responsibility upon the shoulders of each human onto the earth ; due to the expansion of industries and other pollution’ causing phenomena, we are urged, as humans, to get a grip onto the duties that we shall accomplish in a way to preserve the ecology that surrounds us.

Our dedication to study the ecological and environmental issues has to be carefully examined and will absolutely end with a request to respect Mother Nature and its residents which leads us to plunge deep into the rights of animals and into the advantages of plants that are facing extinction.

As an ETHICS’ student, I believe that our behavior towards nature has to be more respectful through insuring the reduction of polluting effects; for instance, growing an industry has to be accompanied by a series of healthy and secure aspects in order to decrease the toxins that arise towards the sky and among humans. All united, people and governments have to impose severe rules in favor of securing the remaining areas of nature, and that is meant to achieve a social impact onto the lives of our future descendants.

Environmental aspect are far from being related just to ecology but stretches to cover issues regarding health, collectivity and future being of plants, animals and humans at last for they are considered the major reason behind ecological disorder.

In what follows, we will be going through the major effects, problems and perhaps manage to offer a solution that would make our world, a better place to live.

Industrial Environment:

Industrial environment or ecology is a natural field of study where the main focus is around the combination that joins our natural environment and the technology that is surrounding it. The key topic of the analyze that joins nature and socio-technical systems is aiming to point at the most dangerous causes and highlight some ways of preventing extra pollution and why not, suggest few solutions to make our environmental space a better space. The term ‘industrial’ does not merely pass on to the industrial multipart but more commonly to the way humans are using the natural resources through the production of goods and industrial services. The Ecology study refers to the concept that the industrial systems are urged to induct principles demonstrated into the natural ecosystems around us.

Toxic Waste

The toxic waste constitute a main part of the industrial consequences that the industrial environment is causing; with a large part of these dumped wastes considered as poisonous through manufacturing industries, farming, construction, laboratories, city infected systems, hospitals, automobiles and many more…. The waste is mainly categorized under solid, liquid or muddy material while containing chemical materials, radiation and heavy metals. Even the household stuff is designated as a generator of dangerous waste incoming from items like computers, batteries and paints or insect repellent.

The industrial waste is a reason of human harm, capable of harming animals and plants in case they encounter toxic wastes that are buried in the ground or through the groundwater that provides water for drinking purposes. Floodwaters that occurred consequent to Hurricanes like Katrina’s can bring extra toxins such as mercury that sticks in the environmental area and increasingly accumulates. Badly, the humans and the animals are the frequently absorbing these residing chemicals through eating fish and sea food for example.

In the USA:

Lawful rules adjoining the dump of waste are supervised and overseen by the EPA (U.S. federal Environmental Protection Agency) as well as by the state departments of environmental protection in the United States of America. The protection agency, EPA, obliges the handling of dangerous waste with specific safety measures and to be predisposed in specific facilities that are specifically based for such purposes all around the USA, which purpose is to disintegrate these toxins and get charged for the services completed. In developed nations, household hazardous waste is being collected on a daily basis.

Other effects that might harm humans is the air pollution, mainly caused by the industries and by drivers; the latest study reflected the fact that poisonous air stands behind the major viruses and fatalities that the world is enduring from, such as cancer and other hazardous aspects all caused by air pollution.

Problems of the industrial age, of the air and of the water pollution are currently ranking on top of the most viewed issues since they threaten the existence of human kind, animals and plants. While trying to making our world a better place and safer environment to reside in, the humans have only succeeded in making our world a decreasingly good space for them and for all the species around them.

Industrial emissions are the 1st to be blamed in this process of environmental health; the industrial pollution is by far the leading cause of dust, hazards and of major poisonous factors that harms our daily life due to air pollution and acid rains.

If the world could follow the steps that the USA had taken for the last 3 years, the emissions and hazards causing air pollution would decrease; still, many developing nations are rising thanks to industries, which make it hard to halt or stop.

Global Warming

The global warming is one of the most studied matters that scientists are circling around; after spending years of studies to determine the causes of global warming, it turned out to be the pollution in general, but the human development in a specific way. Mainly, the effect of gases emitted by human activities (industries, transportation…) stand behind the global warming effect.

Since it is a worldwide issue, United Nations crafted a specialized group of scientists (IPCC or International Panel on Climate Change), which major role is to meet every now and then to discuss, review and study the freshest findings on the scientific level before reporting the summary and clarifying the news about global warming. Each of these IPCC report is an own consent and virtual agreement that several hundreds of scientists had agreed on forming.

At first, scientists discovered that the greenhouse gases are the main responsible for global warming, and humans are directly accused of emitting these gazes in several ways such as the cars’ fuel, factories, industrial activities and electricity production. CO2 stands as the main and major gas responsible for the most of the global warming; co2 or carbon dioxide is mixed with methane (incoming from landfills and agricultural digestive structures of cropping animals) and with nitrous oxide (fertilizers). As a matter of fact, the decreasing areas of forests is a main cause to the increase of CO2 in the world, since forestation and green plants are known for the ability to store CO2.

Extinction of species (Animal and plants) is the end of existence of an animal or plant. The extinction instant of extinction is considered to be “death” or disappearance of the last unit of certain species.

Through the evolution of technology, new species are starting through the speciation process where new types of organisms are born and prosper as they get a chance to exploit the ecological suitable area.

Extricated species are considered as extinct when they are no longer found or surviving due to weather changes, pollution or external factors such as the superior competition. Normally, typical species are considered extinct within 10 million years from their 1st appearance although some of these species, such as living fossils, were able to survive in the same shape for hundreds of millions of years. Extinction, moreover, is mainly a natural phenomenon (as long as no human interference caused it) and science estimates that more than 99% of all species that have been alive once are now gone.


The Mass extinction process is a very rare scheme, during which, a very rapid extinction of 1 or more species occur at a very rapid pace. Nonetheless, Secluded (Isolated) extinctions are frequent; almost 100 thousand years ago, while humans were increasingly augmenting in numbers, species extinction had also augmented in 100 to 1000‘rate. Some scientific experts have previously expressed several worries pointing at the fact that half of the currently available species will extinct by the year 2100 if the process of pollution in all its phases will precede and continue at the same pace.


The extinction of species is growing; scientists specialized in reducing the extinction and in preserving the resources are touring the globe in a way to collect and identify and identify all the plants and animals of the planet despite the fact that some are threatened by disappearing and by getting extricated at a stunning pace.

Some Endangered Species

Extricated Species: Thylacine, Caribbean Monk Seal, Dodo, Passenger Pigeon

Endangered: Arakan Forest Turtle, Gharial, Blue Whale, Giant Panda, Snow Leopard, Crowned Solitary Eagle, Dhole, Rangas, Javan Rhino, Brazilian Merganser, African Wild Dog, Tiger, Albatross

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