PKR Poker Review

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(N.B: U.S. performers are prohibited from signing in to this Online poker room).

Among all the 3D online poker sites, PKR is the leader in playing poker online, with exceptional graphics, a very decent competitor plate form and a very modern play style.

The poker software of PKR and the largely playing experience are incredible. They offer complete adaptable 3D graphics with a single camera views and particular skin that participants can “edify” their font.

The software of PKR is confidentially industrialized. PKR is not division of any poker Network.

The real cash bonuses are also very simple to identify.

Immediate Signing up through a Pokerice link may provide an exclusive $250 bonus cash at 75% place match.


PokerRoom has decided to celay all real money betting business in the United States, due to U.S. laws prohibiting Business credit card from amassing payments for betting by U.S. residents.

From all the 3D online poker sites, PKR is the leader. For new participants, that have never had the occasion to try it, PKR provides a complete original playing practice, similar to a new video game than any practical poker software.

The software of PKR is confidentially industrialized. PKR is not a diversion of any poker Network. PKR presents attractive world-shattering software with of course, a new type of live online poker room.

The software of PKR is not so complicated with less concentrated reserves. Therefore, once you strive it, you will never desire to play in a different online poker room anymore.

On a large scale, the video graphics and the “feel of play” at PKR are mainly standing behind the presence of a multitude of poker players that are aiming to practice, not for applying tactics or abilities, following-on in a very amazing and beneficial poker atmosphere full of unproven participants.

Every time, we advise you to do not be astonished by “video game”  and other features offered by the software; since you are playing poker with real money and that a talented participant might simply discover the games he intend to play.

All the graphics presented by the software of PKR are all displayed in real 3D and need formerly a new computer to use.

Presently PKR offers Hold’em Poker and Omaha in Limit, No-Limit and Pot-Limit form, in addition of both multi- and single-table poker competitions.

The passage volume is comparatively low at the real-money tables, as well as in poker competitions, but it seems increasing rapidly.

Real money poker players statistics as of June 2008 prove 1,100 ring-game competitors during top hours and 5,000 matches during top hours.

PKR Detailed Information

Game Variety (7)

Practical game diversity is presented by PKR who diffuses both Texas Hold’em Poker and Omaha. Competitions are accessible in Limit, Pot-Limit and No-Limit, excluding Omaha, which doesn’t run as No-Limit.

The competitions are existing in micro-limit, with 1¢/2¢ blinds, to high-stakes $100/$200 blind diversions.

PKR is intending to add both Stud and Draw to the diversion schedule, something that would give them excellent competition assortment.

Full-table games, shorthanded and heads-up tables exist as well, with competitions concerted in No-Limit Hold’em for the moment and, particularly, at the small and middle limits.

Ring Game Traffic (7)

At PKR, the real money passage has not yet get to a high stage. But, new players are signing up all the time since the site is offering massive interest.

However, we can say that at the moment the passage is quite stumpy and very concerted in micro- and small-stakes Hold’em only.

PKR has top cash-game passage of 1,100 real money competitors at top hours (June 2008).

Soft Competition (8)

At the lower bets, the passage is absolutely demanding and the competitions vary from comparatively loose to very loose.

A viewed-flop percentage up to 50%-60% at full tables is frequently swanking. This explain the very attractive and moving competitions for all participants to benefit from.

Rake (6)

With a $3 maximum collect at any competition, at PKR, the collect is at average of 5%.

PKR runs an attractive standard “no flop – no drop” policy, which means, they don’t take a collect from pans every time a flop is not appearing.

Support (7)

A support via e-mail, telephone, and live chat is offered at PKR. Answering time is particularly fast with very precise replies. The Web site is also comparatively informative and wrap most significant issues.

Financial Security (8)

At PKR The financial security is excellent. No complaints from more over 2 years since PKR has been dealing real money games. All transactions, are protected thru a state of the art security system, and the organizers of the company are recognized industrialists.

Deposit & Withdrawal Options (7)

Placement Options: NETeller, Click2Pay, FirePay, Visa, Visa Delta, Visa Electron, MasterCard, gift cards and pre-paid MasterCard, Maestro, Switch, Solo.

Extraction Options: Visa, Visa Electron, Solo, Switch, Maestro, NETeller, Firepay, Click2Pay and check.

Bonus Code:


Our Special Bonus:

100% up to $500


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