WPT Legends of Poker 2011 Day 3

Jeff Vertes has outplaed the 99 players starting on day 3 of the season X World Poker Tour Legends of Poker event at the Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardes, California, being able to accumulate a massive stack of 2,712,000, thus being the only one with more than two million in chips.

James Carroll is behind him in the second place by the chip count with 1,9 million in chips, followed by David Daneshgar in the third place with 1,85 million in chips. The chip leader of day 2 Ken Aldridge was also able to gain more chips, being in the sixth place with 1,541,000 in chips and Will “The Thrill” Failla is right behind him with 1,450,000.

The unfortunate title of the tournaments bubble boy went to Joe Ressler, who was eliminated in the 82nd place. All of the players who survived the money bubble went home with at least $7,000 in their pockets.

Only 21 players have survived the day and will continue to day 4 when the final table will be set. Everyone of them will go home with at least $14,315 in their pockets.

Top ten by the chip count after day 3:
1st – Jeff Vertes – 2,712,000c
2nd – James Carroll – 1,900,000c
3rd – David Daneshgar – 1,850,000c
4th – Joshua Pollock – 1,645,000c
5th – Mike Eskandari – 1,597,000c
6th – Ken Aldridge – 1,541,000c
7th – Will “The Thrill” Failla – 1,450,000c
8th – Shawn Buchanan – 1,343,000c
9th – Owais Ahmed – 1,134,000c
10th – Adam Aronson – 1,082,000c

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Daily Online Poker News 29-08-2011

D.C. To Kick Off Online Poker
The D.C. Lottery Corporation will begin trials for its online intrastate poker service by September 1st. 20-30 locations around the city will give access to regulated poker sites. The effort is expected to create $13 million in revenue over the next three years.

Full Tilt Poker Discussions Revealed
Amidst other poker news, Harry Demetriou has exposed some of the deals that Full Tilt Poker was in negotiations with after Black Friday. He voices his concerns that the company is not doing the right things to bring the company back to operational status and speculates that the poker site could shut its doors permanently soon.

PartyPoker Relents To Player Protest
After a successful player protest, PartyPoker has announced they will keep their rake caps unchanged but will proceed with the switch to ‘weighted contribution’ rake calculation method.

FTP Shortfall Even Bigger
Previously, the amount of funds that Full Tilt Poker had never collected from players who they had credited deposits to was estimated at $60 million. According to new reports, that number is actually $128 million, very near the believed amount the poker site currently owes players.

Nevada Online Gaming Regulations
Writers review the proposed Nevada gambling regulation amendments that were released by the Nevada Gaming Control Board to regulate online poker.

DoJ Continues Online Poker Pursuit
A forum writer claims to have information from a family member who works for the Office of Enforcement Operations. The writer suggests that the United States Department of Justice is still actively and aggressively pursuing online poker sites. The online site he specifically mentions is Sportsbook.com on the Merge Gaming Network.

Reexamining The Question Of Rigged
Blogger Steven Ruddock discussed the idea of online poker rigged in a blog on August 1st, 2010. He now takes another look at this subject.

Ad Ban Helped Paddy Power
Peter Marcus of Rock Consulting talks about how the use of getting ads banned in certain areas can actually turn to benefit the advertiser. He points out that ads banned by the UK ASA for trivial reasons can increase publicity, and some sites actually use that to their advantage.

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WPT Legends of Poker 2011 Day 2

The starting field of 340 players has been cut down to 99 survivors on day 2 of the season X World Poker Tour Legends of Poker event at the Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardes, California.

Ken Aldrigde has taken the lead with 659,500 in chips, only 1,500 more than his closest competitor Cody Slaubaugh, who has taken the third place by the chip count on day 1a. The third place goes to Will “The Thrill” Failla with 550,500 in chips.

J.C. Tran, who has started the day with the chip lead, has lost almost 90,000 in chips, is now standing with 176,500. His food friend Nam Le unfortunately was not able to finish the day.

Out of the notable players who have advanced to day 3 were Allen Kessler, Ray Henson, Alec Torelli, Dan O’Brien, Gavin Smith and Dwyte Pilgrim. The most notable players who have hit the rail on day 2 were Ali Eslami, Scott Clements, Andy Frankenberger and Barry Greenstein.

Top ten by the chip count after day 2:
1st – Ken Aldridge – 659,500c
2nd – Cody Slaubaugh – 658,000c
3rd – Will “The Thrill” Failla – 550,500c
4th – Matt Berkey – 502,000c
5th – Tom Braband – 482,000c
6th – Saifuddin Ahmad – 465,000c
7th – David Tuthill – 464,000c
8th – Ray Henson – 454,500c
9th – James Carroll – 450,000c
10th – Brent Hanks – 430,000c

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Daily Online Poker News 28-08-2011

Battle For Second Place Continues
PartyPoker has retaken the second place ranking on PokerScout from the iPoker Network. The poker network obtained second place standing last week, but now averages about 150 fewer real cash players than Party Poker.

Poker Is Horse Racing
A writer believes that the future of the online poker industry could closely mirror the shape of the horse racing industry in the United States. He points out how the horse racing industry currently handles various operations and how it would likely be that poker would have to deal with similar issues.

The Importance Of Preparation
A writer talks about the preparations he takes in order to play poker. He notes that with the experience that many players have, especially with online poker players, preparation is one of the most important aspects of the game.

Confidence In Online Operators Shaken
Online gambling companies are putting every effort to assure players and potential players that their operations are safe and secure. Worries over funding and security have become top priority when the US Department of Justice cracked down on the top three online poker companies.

N.J. Legislation Due In August
According to a New Jersey radio station, new legislation that would legalize and regulate the online gaming industry in New Jersey is due to be released on Thursday, August 25th.

New Poker Show The Rail
Sky Poker has launched a new show called The Rail. The show will cover events in the poker industry and be produced on a weekly schedule.

WPT Regional Summer Splash
Brian Hastings has just won the $2,200 buy-in World Poker Tour Regional Summer Splash Event at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida. He overcame a field of 391 players over four days to the take the title and $213,877 payout.

The Amateur Poker Association and Tour World Championship of Amateur Poker is set to begin on Thursday, August 25th at the Dusk Til Dawn club in Nottingham, England.

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WPT Legends of Poker 2011 Day 1B

Another 435 players have joined for day 1b of the season X World Poker Tour Legends of Poker event at the Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardes, California. Out of the 181 players who were eliminated on day 1a, 116 of them reentered the tournament on day 1b. The total players field of 757 players has made a total prize pool of $2,570,015 with $758,085 set aside for the eventuall champion.

Although being late for the tournament, J.C. Tran made the best out of it, taking the top spot of the day with 265,000 in chips. The second place goes to an unknown player with 189,600 in chips and Gary Miles took the third spot by the chip count with 177,300 in chips.

Kathy Liebert, Tony Dunst, Jennifer Tilly and Justin Young reentered the tournament but all of them were not able to finish the day with chips in their bags, as all of them hit the rail, loosing $7,000 in two days.

Day 2 will start off with 340 players surviving the first two registration days.

Top ten by the chip count after day 1b:
1st – J.C. Tran – 265,000c
2nd – Unknown – 189,600c
3rd – Gary Miles – 177,300c
4th – Michael Woo – 167,000c
5th – Paul Lieu – 148,000c
6th – Marek Uharcek – 146,100c
7th – Andrew Taylor – 142,000c
8th – Michael Winnett – 139,200c
9th – Owen Crowe – 138,500c
10th – Henry So – 136,800c

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Daily Online Poker News 27-08-2011

Gabe Kaplan Returns Some Money
According to a report, Gabe Kaplan has given back nearly half the money he won at the alleged illegal high stakes Hollywood poker game.

No Significant Interest For November 9
Considering the volatility of the American economy, the World Series of Poker decided to play it safe with the $21.1 million in winnings waiting for the ‘November Nine’. This means that while the funds have the maximum security it is not likely to see any significant interest.

Reid Bullish On Online Poker
Staff members for Senator Harry Reid have responded to inquiries from the Las Vegas Review Journal stating that Internet poker legislation will get done. Reid staffers emphasized that the legislation will benefit Nevada.

More Barton Bill Backers
Bill HR2366, submitted by Rep. Joe Barton, received another 5 co-sponsors bringing the total number of supporters up to 25.

Federal US Online Gambling
An article claims that ‘a source’ is expecting regulated online gambling by the end of next year. The source believes the only point of contention will be how the regulations will take shape and whom it will favour.

Online Gambling Gives Money
CNBC believes that the current fiscal situation for many places in the United States may provide the biggest motivation to regulate online gambling. The movement may also find some challenges as the jurisdiction for online gambling might be disputed by the US Federal government and the Department of Justice.

N.Y. Times Features Online Gambling
The New York Times has published a feature on the future of online gambling in the United States. The paper prominently features gambling expert Professor I. Nelson Rose and his thoughts on the direction of the industry.

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WPT Legends of Poker 2011 Day 1A

The Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardes, California, has opened its doors for day 1a of the season X World Poker Tour Legends of Poker event. With 322 players registering for day 1a of the $3,500 no limit hold’em event with optional re-entry, 148 will continue to day one with Matthew Berkley taking the chip lead with 248,500 in chips.

Soi Nguyen is right behind Matthew Berkey with 215,200 in chips and the third place by the chip count goes to Cody Slaubaugh with 188,200 in chips.

Out of the notable players who will accompany Matthew Berkley to day 2 were Allen Cunningham, Maria Ho, Greg Mueller, Jeff Madsen and Chris DeMaci. On the other side of the rail were Phil Hellmuth, Gavin Smith, Ali Eslami, Antonio Esfandiari, Kathy Liebert and Phil Laak.

The action will continue on day 1b when the final player count and total prize pool will be determined. It is yet to be seen how many of the players who have hit the rail on day 1a will re-entry on day 1b.

Top ten by the chip count after day 1:
1st – Matthew Berkey – 248,500c
2nd – Soi Nguyen – 215,200c
3rd – Cody Slaubaugh – 188,200c
4th – Tyler Cornell – 179,200c
5th – Ryan Welch – 157,500c
6th – Will Failla – 148,300c
7th – Keith Kozar – 138,800c
8th – Ken Aldridge – 138,700c
9th – Dan O’Brien – 136,000c
10th – Hafiz Khan – 130,100c

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Daily Online Poker News 26-08-2011

Changes To WPT In Season X
The Bicycle Casino is hosting the first step of the 10th season of the World Poker Tour. Several new stops have been announced in the United States and Europe. The poker community discusses some of the announced changes for the upcoming season, including the live broadcast of event final tables.

Tax Changes
The forum community discusses tax changes that they believe should be included in any potential United States online poker legislation.

EPL Puts Rheem On Probation
The Epic Poker League has announced that David Rheem is on probation with the League following the accusations that he had unpaid debts with other players. Following the victory of the inaugural event at the Epic Poker League Main Event, Rheem paid back several stakers, but appears to have been unable to repay all of his debts.

Mercier Tops Global Index
Jason Mercier’s score on the Global Poker Index has placed the poker professional on top of the list, taking over the No. 1 spot from Bertrand Grospellier. Bertrand Grospellier is now ranked 3rd, just below Eric Seidel.

Pros And Cons Of The EPL
In the second part of a two part series, Steve Ruddock looks at the pros and cons of the Epic Poker League from the perspective of the player

Past, Present And Future Of Playtech
A writer examines the past, present and future prospects of Playtech.

Country With The Best Players
PocketFives has introduced a new feature which tracks the countries with the best online poker players.

Owed Site Money
A player owed one of the major poker sites $3,000 and had not yet repaid them when ‘Black Friday’ made it impossible for him to do. He wonders what effect this could have on him if he does not find a way to settle that debt.

2011 Americas Cup of Poker
For the second consecutive year Canada has won the Americas Cup of Poker which was held at the Mantra Resort, Spa and Casino in Uruguay.

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World Poker Tour changes

In addition to the start of the World Poker Tour Legends of Poker, many changes to the new season of WPT have been announced. There will be two new stops in the United States. The first one is at the Jacksonville Poker Room in Florida and the second is at the Parx Casino in Philadelphia. Both of the events will be televised as well as two Europea stops, Paris and Italy.

The commentators Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patten will get a new colleague. Ali Nejad will be a part of the team for the tenth season of the World Poker Tour and his role will be the tournament announcer and the final table host. There will also be two new Royal Flush Girls, as well as European Royal Flush Girls for the events in Europe.

The winners, who were awarded a bracelet, will now recieve an engraved Tiffany’s card protector as well as entrance to the “Champions Club”, which will give them acces to VIP treatment on the WPT events.

A new WPT Trophy has been introduced with all the names of the former WPT champions. The trophy will travel to every stop and the winner will receive a smaller version with the name of the event engraved on it.

“Season IX was a watershed year that raised the bar for televised poker,” stated Steve Heller, the CEO of World Poker Tour “but it was a new day, not an ending. Season X will see it continue as we make our tenth anniversary unlike anything seen before in the poker world.”

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Daily Online Poker News 25-08-2011

Online Poker Watchdog Reports
The ‘Online Poker Watchdog’ is an independent organization which monitors millions of online poker hands to determine if online poker sites are being run fairly and securely or if they are rigged. Thus far, they have provided their results from the Entraction Network, Merge Network, PartyPoker and PokerStars. They have determined that there is no suspicious activity on any of these sites.

Political Support For Online Gambling
The potential for a new revenue source has caught the interest of many politically conservative groups. The debate that millions of dollars are being sent overseas where online gambling is still running may have swayed several politicians concerned with ways to avoid raising taxes.

Trusting The Other Guys
Considering the exodus of poker sites from the United States after the UIGEA was passed, followed by the more recent events of ‘Black Friday’, this forum user questions the trust players are putting in Bodog Poker, the Merge Gaming Network, Everleaf Network and the Cake Poker Network.

Merge Network And U.S. Players
Members of the online poker community wonder why the Merge Gaming Network has not yet reopened to new American player signups, as they earlier indicated they would.

Home Games Come To iPoker
The iPoker Network has launched its Home Game Product, allowing players to create private online tournaments. The service has launched first with Genting Poker.

Verify Before Deposit, Money Play
In order to combat scammers and poker bots, a forum writer suggests that online poker sites should verify players’ identities before they are permitted to deposit or play in any freeroll tournaments for real money payouts.

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