Play Online Poker No Download

Most online poker clients offer a fully downloadable version of their software.  However, what if you are in a situation where it is not feasible for you to download an online poker client?  Perhaps you are a person that does not own a computer and has to rely on library or internet cafe computers.  Maybe you want to play poker in a college lab where downloading is not allowed.  Whatever your case may be, you need an online poker no download option.  Let’s take a look at several options that may be suitable for you. offers an instant play option for their website that is accessible by any computer with a web browser and java installed.  This online poker no download option is also accessible to those with mac and even Linux operating systems.  Just signup for an account on and then go to the website to access their instant play feature.  The software will open in a separate screen and give you options to most of the games that are available to regular download clients.  Bwin has excellent traffic and support ranging from email to live phone support.  Speed of game play is fantastic and multi-tabling is allowed on the site.

A site that has come a long way in its online poker no download offering is  In the past, PartyPoker only offered a simplistic version of this client that allowed you to play only Holdem, and only one table with very limited options for table selection.  Fortunately, PartyPoker upgraded their instant play site to make it look and respond exactly like its download client, even down to the sounds.  When you load the software, all of the typical options are there for games and multi-tabling is now permitted.  Be certain that you have java installed and popups enabled, or you will not be able to access this site.

For US players, Absolute Poker offers an online poker no download option very similar to that of  As part of the Cereus network, Absolute Poker offers a spread of games that is understandably Holdem heavy.  While Omaha and Stud are offered, the popularity of the games do not come close to that of other sites.  The site loads and responds similar to the typical download client and game speed does not suffer.

Titan Poker offers a flash based client for those wanting to play online poker no download.  Windows and Mac are both compatible with the site as long as you have Firefox.  Safari is not supported by Titan so you must have Firefox on the mac.  Although not a problem for most, the only game option on Titan Poker is NL Holdem.  If you play anything else, you are out of luck.  However, for the NL junkies, which encompasses most of the poker world, this is a solid option.  Multi-tabling is allowed, but with a cap at four tables max.

Another option for Holdem only players is  This site offers a flash online poker no download option that focuses primarily on Holdem.  However, unlike Titan Poker, PaddyPoker offers all variants of Holdem.  So if you play Fixed or Pot-Limit, this site deserves a look at.  If you are a beginner, you have an option to play at beginner tables.  At these tables, players have been here 30 days or less.

Pacific Poker offers another online poker no download option for those not overly concerned about multi-tabling.  Multi-tabling is offered at this site but with a four table max.  All the typical variants are offered including Holdem, Omaha, and Stud.  Traffic is pretty solid with a user base of over 23 Million registered users.

If you haven’t noticed, when looking for an online poker no download option, you will typically run into three requirements.  First, you must have popups enabled in order to allow for other tables to open.  Next, you must have java or flash installed depending on your website.  For those worried about downloading software onto your computer, java and flash are both relatively standard software programs and most websites and web based applications will require one or the other.  Most college pc’s will already have this installed on them.  If you find that it is not installed, you can always inquire about installing one or the other.  You may want to tell them a legitimate or school related reason for the download.  Lastly, you will want to have an email account that is accessible from the web, especially if you are using a computer that does not belong to you.  This will become necessary in order to complete singup.

An online poker no download option is great for those unable or unwilling to download a full online poker client onto their computer.  Most will allow you functionality comparable to their standard downloadable client.  Our best suggestion is to test out several and see which one works best for you.  It only takes a couple of minutes to register for an account and load the poker client.  Good luck to you at the tables.

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