National Deaf Poker Tour at the Venetian, Las Vegas

National Deaf Poker Tour at the Venetian, Las Vegas

Venetian, Las Vegas – The summer ended with Michael Watson, an online poker enthusiast won over a million dollar at the 2008 World Series Tour Bellagio Cup IV.  This ends World Series of Poker until it opens again in November.

However, the Poker world is not going to be inactive until November.  James Rydstrom, founding member of the National Deaf Poker Tour is running its final leg at the Venetian this weekend.

Being a founding member of the tour, Rydstrom claims that deaf people wants to have a deaf-only poker tournament.  It decision comes from their difficulty in playing against non-deaf players, because it is hard for them to follow what is being said in the table.  Putting them at a disadvantageous position during the game.

Thus, the National Deaf Poker Tour in Las Vegas this weekend was really welcome for about 136 deaf players that joined.  The Venetian hosted this event.  Venetian in Las Vegas is the choice for the last leg of the tour four-stop tour.

Top winners are Matthew Erickson and Jonathan Collins; they split the first and second place prize money.  They received over $5,700 each.

If the National Deaf Poker Tour can host a deaf-only poker tournament, then non-deaf players may likewise develop the skill necessary to win in poker.

Thus, if you want to understand poker better, you will need to practice.  Practice playing poker against friends.  You may elevate your poker learning by playing online.  Online Poker is a good practice arena where you may learn the ropes of Poker easily.  Do you remember Michael Watson?  He played many online poker games and even won World Series from playing online.

When you finally gather all you strength and thinks that you can already face poker masters in a brick and mortar casino, you can do so.

All you need is a budget to play with.  Do not go to a casino with all your hard-earned money on hand.  Set a budget and play only within that budget.  The key is to enjoy gaming and not loose all you have.

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