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There’s an app for that.  If you have listened to commercials all over the internet and radio, you have heard that phrase in relation to the iphone.  Regardless of what you want to do, there is either already an existing application or one currently being developed.  If you are a poker player and want to play poker on the iphone, you are in luck.  There are many iphone poker applications available for those wanting to get their poker fix.

Have you ever wanted to play poker against Dracula, Caesar, Abraham Lincoln, or Cleopatra?  (This is actually a serious question.)  Ok, maybe those weren’t among your all-time desired opponents, but they are some of the players that you can play against on Imagine Poker.  This iphone poker program gives you the opportunity to play against 21 animated characters from fantasy and history.

Setup in single table tournament style play, you can play Fixed Limit, Pot-Limit, and even No-Limit Holdem against various legendary characters.  You have the option to play in either portrait or landscape mode and there are five different levels of play.  With each tournament you win, you unlock a new character from the game.

This game is not meant to be a “serious” game, but one played for fun.  The graphics are admittedly a bit cheesy, but game play is pretty simple and even the kiddies can play this game without much trouble.  Average price for this will run from 0.99 to 2.99.  At that price, its worth looking at.

The only iphone poker program developed for the iphone by Apple is Texas Holdem.  This program, available for just $4.99 is hands down the best looking poker application on the iphone.  With crisp, realistic graphics and realistic controls, this game not only looks the part but actually fells like a poker game.

For example, your table view when upright is a player by player heads-up display.  You see your players, their stacks, and even their mannerisms in full detail.  Game controls are done by a very intuitive touch screen.  Double tap to check, flick the cards to fold, or you can drag your chips to make a bet.

Texas Holdem is the game of choice and the only option is NL single table tournaments.  The object of the game is to advance through a series of tournaments and ultimately make it to the champ Holdem  ionship in Dubai.  The only real downside to the application is that it does not offer multi-player internet access.  If you are on a wifi local network, you can play with friends, but that is all.

If you are a fan of poker, you need to check this application out.  In fact, if you were to only download one app, this would likely be the one you would want to choose.  In regards to graphics and game play, this is as good as it gets.  For just $4.99, you really cant go wrong.

Another iphone poker application to check out if you are interested in playing against live competition is Megapoker Online.  Megapoker allows players the opportunity to play over the internet against other players in play money cash games.  Fixed Limit and No Limit Holdem are offered.  The site also keeps track of your play and ranks you according to your competence of play.  You can check out the stats on your player before and while you are at the table.

Graphic in this application look like a modified version of PartyPoker and the lobby is very reminiscent of online gaming rooms.  Controls are very simple and if you run out of money at the table, you do not even need to leave the table to reload.  Only cash games are offered so tournament players are out of luck on this site.   However, for those wanting to play against live competition, the $3.99 price tag is a bargain.  For less than a value meal at McDonalds, you can play against players from around the world.

As you may have already noticed, there currently are no online poker sites that offer a real money poker option for the iphone.  Apple is strictly against any type of online gambling, and that includes poker.  As a result, it will be up to other companies to come up with an iphone solution.  The main hurdle right now is the fact that many of the online websites that have instant play sites are either in Flash or in Java.  Unfortunately, the iphone does not have full support for either, yet.  Flash is working on this and it is likely a Java solution is being looked at.  This is still something for future upgrades.

In the meantime, you will have to be satisfied getting your poker itch scratched via free money games.  As you can see, games on the iphone can range from silly to sophisticated.  My suggestion is to try out a couple of games that interest you and see which work best.  Yes, many of the applications cost money, but most are so cheap that you could be playing several different online poker application for the cost of going to the movies.  So give a couple iphone poker apps a try and soon you will be check-raising away on your iphone.

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