Play Mac Poker

If you are a Mac user, you know that the vast majority of programs and games are specifically made for the PC.  Those of you that are also poker players have had to struggle in years past with virtual pc emulators that are buggy and inconsistent in the attempt to play online poker. Well those games are gone as you play Mac poker on various different poker sites. offers a full mac poker client to its players.  All you need to do is go to the website and go to download.  There is an option to download the mac poker client there. has the biggest tournaments on the planet including their $1.5 Million guarantee tournament every Sunday and their annual World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP).

Full Tilt Poker offers its own mac poker client as well.  Like PokerStars, theirs is a full downloadable client that allows users the complete Full Tilt Poker experience.  Many of poker’s elite pros are members of this site.  In addition, some of the best cash game action occurs on this site.  Their $750,000 guarantee is among the weekly major events of online poker.  They also regularly host the Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS) that brings poker players from around the world to compete for not only cash but the FTOPS championship jersey.

Just recently, has released their own mac poker clients for users to download.  For many years, UB had instructed it’s users to use a pc emulator to play their site.  However, they finally listened to their customers and offered a full client.  The site is famous for its celebrity endorsers Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth. is probably the best mac poker client of the sites that do not accept U.S. players.  They are owned by the Ongame Network, whose now defunct was the pioneer in mac poker clients.  They offer a full mac client to players that has full functionality.  The site also offers a vast array of deposit and withdrawal options for players to make transactions quick and easy.  During peak hours you can expect around 5,500 players in cash games and 15,000 in tournaments, making this a very popular site. is another website that offers an option for mac poker players.  Their instant play option allows users to play at PartyPoker without having to download software.  The software loads into a standard web browser.  There are a few disadvantages using the instant play over a standard client.  First, you cannot filter tables.  Next, private tables are not available.  You also cannot multi-table at the site.  However, for those not wanting to struggle with a pc emulator, this may provide at least an option to play at the site.

Although not available to US players, a good site for mac poker players in other countries is Pacific Poker, which is part of  This site has a non-download version of the software that nearly matches their downloadable client.  The competition on this site is historically know to be very poor.  Therefore, if you are looking to turn a profit, this is the site for you.  Also, you can play up to four tables at a time, making this appealing for both the casual and serious player.

Titan Poker also offers a flash version of their poker client that is available to mac poker users.  Popup must be enabled to play at Titan poker.  Signup is easy and can be done inside the web browser.  Once you have signed up, you will receive a restricted version of the poker client in your browser.  Right now, only Holdem games are available for the flash version of Titan poker.  Also, if you want to use this software, you must use Firefox as Safari is not currently supported by Titan’s flash site.  Finally, full screen and mini-views are not possible in this version.  Out of all the instant play sites, this one is likely the least desirable in regards to compatibility but it may be an option that some of you can use.

Of course, if none of these options are to your liking, you can always look into finding a pc emulator for your mac.  A pc emulator is a program that acts like a pc on your mac.  Using this program, you can download and install other poker clients.  Many players do not like having to jump through that many hoops to play poker, but if a site you want to play at does not offer a mac clients, this is the only option other than buying a pc.

Fortunately, the trend of websites creating mac poker clients is growing.  More users are beginning to use a mac and the market share of online poker players is growing.  In the future, do not be surprise to see more poker rooms pick up this option as they look to increase their player base and ultimately their profits.


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