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Back in the old days, before the internet, it was much more difficult to find yourself a game of poker. Basically, it was either poker with friends or at a casino, or a choice between legal (usually meaning inconvenient and costly) or illegal (usually meaning inconvenient and costly, as well as dangerous). In any case, it was almost never when and where you wanted poker.
Thanks to advancements in technology, it no longer is necessary to bring a bunch of people together in one place. The internet is the (virtual) place, so anywhere you can find a connection (which means pretty much anywhere), you can find a game of poker. And not just any poker, but the exact kind of game that fits your taste.
You may have certain reservations — that’s completely understandable. It wasn’t very long ago that the internet could be a shady place where you were likely to get lost or ripped-off. However, the people that started the online poker sites knew very well that they’d have a lot of money going through their site, and a lot of people interested in poker — so they spent several years developing state-if-the-art technology for security and safety. And to make sure that the customer was always taken care of, the best of the online poker sites made sure that they had real people available 24/7 for personal support if an issue ever came up.
Since many sites offer players a chance to play for free, there is no risk in signing up to play — and no reason not to practice your skills. Although you can’t win money (unless you play in a freeroll tournament!), you can still get all the fun and experience of as many hands of poker as you want. /p>
Online poker games cover every variation of the game that you can think of, and probably a few that you’ve yet to hear about. Poker on the internet can be as intense or as casual as you like, it can last for a few minutes or hours (or days, if you really want that!). You can get up at 3am and play a few hands in your pajamas, or play a full round on the train home from work…basically, anywhere that you can get an internet connection (thanks to wireless technology, that’s just about anywhere these days).
Rank Logo Name Poker Bonus Approx. Players Online Play Now Review Rating
1 PokerStars $600 231,000
2 Carbon Poker $600 3,300
3 Cake Poker $600 8,300
4 Doyles Room $550
5 Ultimate Bet $1,100 22,200
All of the sites listed on our pages have been chosen because they represent the highest-quality for online poker games, but perhaps even more importantly for customer service, security, and integrity. You can be sure that any poker room that you go to from this page will be some of the best internet poker currently available.

Almost a decade ago, before the massive expansion of internet, finding poker games was a very hard task to accomplish. In essence, poker games were hosted in houses or casinos but things have changed.

Thanks to the evolved technologies and internet stretching around the world, bringing a group of friends over is no longer a must. Internet can virtually reunite you all into 1 electronic space, and provide you with a decent online poker room; what’s better is the ability to play more than 1 game at a time, or even pick any online casino game to enjoy online free betting or for real money.

Having confident reservations is totally comprehensible. It hasn’t been long before the internet could offer a cool area where you wouldn’t be a victim of fraud. Anyway, leaders in online poker that started playing and gambling using online poker sites were totally aware that they’d lose too much money through online betting but on the other hand, they were highly interested in poker online. Betting sites and online casinos rapidly discovered the potential market that online betting would provide and swiftly worked on developing online casinos softwares with extra technology and security features for the purpose of protecting the money transfers while making sure that the gamblers was always taken care of with a 24/7 customer support department that would resolve any betting matter going wrong or complaint.

Given that the majority of betting sites offer you the chance to play poker free, risking your bankroll is no longer a matter of worries; playing free poker will lead you to craft the poker skills and learn poker tricks before getting engaged into real poker tournaments for real money. Knowing the fact that free poker games do not provide you with extra betting awards and winnings, unless by playing a freeroll tournament of poker online, amateur poker players can still get the best of free poker for fun and for gaining more poker experience; after all, every poker hand, is a poker lesson by itself.

Online poker games envelop all the poker types that you might find (Omaha, Texas Holdem, limit, No limit…); online poker can be as intense as you like it to be since all it takes is to find the appropriate poker room that you like. You can stop playing poker at 4 am as you play on the poker table wearing pijamas, or just play a full round of poker during the way back home from work…

Mainly, online poker is available anywhere and at anytime as long as you have an internet connection; lately, wireless technology has made it easier to access internet and get hooked up with the best poker rooms and most popular poker tournaments.


Rank Name Poker Bonus Approx. Players Online

1 PokerStars $600 231,000

2 CarbonPoker $600 3,300

3 CakePoker $600 8,300

4 DoylesRoom $550

5 UltimateBet $1,100 22,200

All of the online betting sites listed above provide the highest-quality of poker online gaming but most of all, are reputed for the prolific customer support and security measures that will keep all gamblers secure from fraud and from losing bankrolls in an inappropriate way.

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