Imagine Poker 3.6; Play Against Iconic Characters That Speak

Imagine Poker 3.6; play against iconic characters that speak

Seattle, Washington - Poker is an exciting game that involves set of skills and some ounce of luck.  If lady luck shines upon you, you are up to winning a good sum.

As mentioned, there is a set of skills necessary in playing poker whether online or offline.  So, you need a little practice.  Practice may cost you a little money, that is if you are willing to spend some.

Many online poker enthusiasts and even professional once started out poker using small amounts of money.  When they become familiar with the game, they can increase their betting budget.  Some head for professional poker tournaments.  Some however do not feel comfortable after playing a couple of games and thus Candywriter has a solution to your problem.

How does it feel to play cards with legends, icons, and historical figures?  To top it all, they speak your language.

Announcing the release of Imagine Poker 3.6 for Mac users.  You can also play Imagine Poker on your iPhone or iPod Touch.  Play against Cleopatra, Dracula, Mona Lisa, and other iconic figures.

This is a good practice ground for poker fanatics.  Do you want to play against them, enjoy their presence, or focus on your game?  It is entirely up to you.

The additional sound effects bring voices to your opponents, if you do not want to be disturbed by them, you can quickly turn on the fast forward option after you fold.

You are not only playing a kids game in Imagine Poker 3.6 because Candywriter’s artificial intelligence module will surely give you a challenge even poker professional find difficult to match.

There is however, a way for you to check the mathematical odds at anytime, simply click on the Poker Ghost and you will know where you stand.

There are nuisances that your opponents may create; this may be a good and entertaining practice ground for you, but again you have an option to move forward.

To give you an idea of how nice this poker game is, you can register for a free trial but if you get so excited and you want to move forward to the remaining levels, you may purchase the registration key.

Have fun, play poker in your Mac, your PC, iPhone or iPod Touch.  Your famous opponents will be waiting for you.

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