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Social networking websites are among the hottest on the web today.  Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter are among the best and the most popular.   For those familiar with Facebook, you know that there are tons of application for games, quizzes, etc.  Did you know that you can even play poker on Facebook?  Facebook poker takes various forms on the site, and if you do a search on Facebook Texas Holdem, you will get many results.  However,  one of the most popular is Texas Holdem Poker by Zynga Poker.

Zynga Poker is easily the most popular Facebook Texas Holdem game on the site.  Over 17 Million players play on the site per month.  This is an amazing total considering that the website is an entirely free to play website.  In order to get started with the Facebook poker, you need to obviously have a Facebook account.  If you do not have a profile on Facebook, signing up for one is easy and can help you connect to other people around the world.

Once you have your account setup, you will need to make sure that you have Flash installed on your computer.  If you do not have flash, you can go to Adobe’s website and download the flash player.  Once you have your flash player installed, you will need to add the application to your profile.  To add it, search for Zynga Poker within facebook and you will find a link for Texas Holdem Poker in the list of results.  Click on the link and it will take you to an introductory page.  In the upper left hand corner, there should be a button where you can add the application.  Click on that button and you will be taken to a screen asking you to verify that you want to add the application.  Once you confirm that you want to add, you can begin playing.

Once the program loads, you will notice a pretty standard looking lobby that looks similar to other normal online poker rooms.  You will notice that the games are split up into Hold’em, Tournaments, and VIP Tables.  The first tab is for your normal cash games.  All games on this site are NL Holdem, so if you are a Limit or even a PL player, you will not find any of those games here.  Limits range from $1-$2 blind to $1 Million – $2 Million blind.

Tournaments are split up into shootout multi-table tournaments, sit n go’s, and a weekly tournament.  Sit-n-go tournaments start at $25 and go all the way up to $105,000 for buy-ins.  The shootout tournament is a three round event where you must play three shootout tournaments to advance.  The winner of the third round then has an opportunity to win additional prizes, such as an Ipod.  The weekly tournament is a multi-player tournament done in a cash game format, meaning that you can leave any time and come back and resume with the chips you had when you left.  The top 20% of the field at the end of the week receives a portion of the prize pool.

As stated earlier, the money won on this site is totally play money. The money won can be used to “purchase” upgrades to your gaming experience as if you were playing in an RPG such as World of Warcraft.   You can buy anything from avatars to entertainment, etc.  Also, you build experience points as you play.  These allow you to unlock certain tables on the game or make you eligible for special “prizes” within the game.

VIP tables are for those that have either purchased a VIP upgrade or have cashed in 1 Million play chips.  This allows you special access to VIP only tables and games.  It is just another feature of the game to help alleviate boredom.

In regards to game play, the game play tends to be very loose.  Many of these players are playing for fun or to try and build up chips to do other things in the game.  If they lose, they will just reload.  A good player will be able to take advantage of the poor play on the site.  This is a great site to practice a tight aggressive style, or even work on other poker styles to see how they will work for you.

The graphics are pretty simplistic.  Your avatar usually defaults to your profile picture, and the overall table design is a bit simplistic.  For those of you with big screens or monitors, you may find the screen to be a bit small for game play.  The chips on the table are somewhat tough to read.  Speed of the game is pretty standard but can drag a little depending on your connection and processor.  There are standard features such as a chat box for those that like to chat with their opponents.   One major drawback is that you cannot multi-table in this program.  You are pretty much stuck with one screen.  This isn’t a big deal for most players, but if you are expecting to be able to play multiple games to quickly build up chips, you are out of luck.

Facebook Texas Holdem is a good way to get a basic feel for the game of NL Holdem, but one must be careful to not let themselves get into habits that may hurt their live cash game play.  However, for something fun to do to pass time, Facebook poker is a great way to go.

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