Daily Online Poker News 30-08-2011

FTP Lawyer Answers Questions
Full Tilt’s lawyer, Jeff Ifrah, has joined the Two Plus Two forums and has been active in issuing statements and responding to questions about Full Tilt’s situation. The change in activity follows the end of an exclusive negotiation period with an investor.

Who Knew About Bluff Chip Dump
A forum user polls the community asking them who of the three people implicated in the ‘Girah Scandal’ they believe was aware of the Bluff Challenge chip dump at the time it occurred.

Black Friday’ Cost In U.S. Jobs
Steve Ruddock discusses the cost of ‘Black Friday’ in terms of the number of jobs it eliminated from the American economy.

Why US Online Poker Is Far Away
J. Todd of APCW explains the situation of online poker in the United States. He considers that the country will not see regulation for quite some time, noting that California, despite its efforts, still fails to embrace online poker, and that doing so on a state by state basis would take an extremely long time, though the potential profits may motivate congress into action.

What Makes Good Poker TV
An article covers ten improvements to the coverage of poker on TV. The list highlights certain technical improvements, such as the rabbit cam, as benefits for the televised game.

Kimberly As WPT Hostess
An article discusses one of the assets of the World Poker Tour’s televised events, its hosts. Kimberly Lansing has been the host for the past two seasons and has been hostess for the tour in earlier seasons as well, while Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patten are recognized names in the industry.

Meet With Senators, Reps
A Poker Players Alliance forum representative suggests that during the congressional recess, poker players should attend the town hall meetings for their Senators and Members of Congress, and use it as an opportunity to be able to meet and speak with them about online gambling.

The Mob In Online Poker
A forum poster reports hearing a story on CNN in which it was suggested that some form of criminal organization has either been trying to get in to, or has already gotten in on the running of online poker site’s.

GUKPT Goliath
The Grosvenor UK Poker Tour Goliath tournament had a £100 buy-in, three starting days, and a multi-entry format. The goal was to break record of 1,440 players set in 2009 at the Boyle Poker IPO for the largest live tournament in UK and European history. In the end, the GUKPT Goliath succeeded with a total of 1,765 entrants.

Betfair Poker Live Season Two
A writer looks at the upcoming second season of Betfair Poker Live. The season begins with the first stop in Dublin, Ireland from September 22nd to September 25th.

Why Legislation Has Failed
Steven Ruddock discusses his thoughts on why online poker regulation in the United States always failed so far.

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