Daily Online Poker News 29-08-2011

D.C. To Kick Off Online Poker
The D.C. Lottery Corporation will begin trials for its online intrastate poker service by September 1st. 20-30 locations around the city will give access to regulated poker sites. The effort is expected to create $13 million in revenue over the next three years.

Full Tilt Poker Discussions Revealed
Amidst other poker news, Harry Demetriou has exposed some of the deals that Full Tilt Poker was in negotiations with after Black Friday. He voices his concerns that the company is not doing the right things to bring the company back to operational status and speculates that the poker site could shut its doors permanently soon.

PartyPoker Relents To Player Protest
After a successful player protest, PartyPoker has announced they will keep their rake caps unchanged but will proceed with the switch to ‘weighted contribution’ rake calculation method.

FTP Shortfall Even Bigger
Previously, the amount of funds that Full Tilt Poker had never collected from players who they had credited deposits to was estimated at $60 million. According to new reports, that number is actually $128 million, very near the believed amount the poker site currently owes players.

Nevada Online Gaming Regulations
Writers review the proposed Nevada gambling regulation amendments that were released by the Nevada Gaming Control Board to regulate online poker.

DoJ Continues Online Poker Pursuit
A forum writer claims to have information from a family member who works for the Office of Enforcement Operations. The writer suggests that the United States Department of Justice is still actively and aggressively pursuing online poker sites. The online site he specifically mentions is Sportsbook.com on the Merge Gaming Network.

Reexamining The Question Of Rigged
Blogger Steven Ruddock discussed the idea of online poker rigged in a blog on August 1st, 2010. He now takes another look at this subject.

Ad Ban Helped Paddy Power
Peter Marcus of Rock Consulting talks about how the use of getting ads banned in certain areas can actually turn to benefit the advertiser. He points out that ads banned by the UK ASA for trivial reasons can increase publicity, and some sites actually use that to their advantage.

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