Daily Online Poker News 27-08-2011

Gabe Kaplan Returns Some Money
According to a report, Gabe Kaplan has given back nearly half the money he won at the alleged illegal high stakes Hollywood poker game.

No Significant Interest For November 9
Considering the volatility of the American economy, the World Series of Poker decided to play it safe with the $21.1 million in winnings waiting for the ‘November Nine’. This means that while the funds have the maximum security it is not likely to see any significant interest.

Reid Bullish On Online Poker
Staff members for Senator Harry Reid have responded to inquiries from the Las Vegas Review Journal stating that Internet poker legislation will get done. Reid staffers emphasized that the legislation will benefit Nevada.

More Barton Bill Backers
Bill HR2366, submitted by Rep. Joe Barton, received another 5 co-sponsors bringing the total number of supporters up to 25.

Federal US Online Gambling
An article claims that ‘a source’ is expecting regulated online gambling by the end of next year. The source believes the only point of contention will be how the regulations will take shape and whom it will favour.

Online Gambling Gives Money
CNBC believes that the current fiscal situation for many places in the United States may provide the biggest motivation to regulate online gambling. The movement may also find some challenges as the jurisdiction for online gambling might be disputed by the US Federal government and the Department of Justice.

N.Y. Times Features Online Gambling
The New York Times has published a feature on the future of online gambling in the United States. The paper prominently features gambling expert Professor I. Nelson Rose and his thoughts on the direction of the industry.

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