Daily Online Poker News 26-08-2011

Changes To WPT In Season X
The Bicycle Casino is hosting the first step of the 10th season of the World Poker Tour. Several new stops have been announced in the United States and Europe. The poker community discusses some of the announced changes for the upcoming season, including the live broadcast of event final tables.

Tax Changes
The forum community discusses tax changes that they believe should be included in any potential United States online poker legislation.

EPL Puts Rheem On Probation
The Epic Poker League has announced that David Rheem is on probation with the League following the accusations that he had unpaid debts with other players. Following the victory of the inaugural event at the Epic Poker League Main Event, Rheem paid back several stakers, but appears to have been unable to repay all of his debts.

Mercier Tops Global Index
Jason Mercier’s score on the Global Poker Index has placed the poker professional on top of the list, taking over the No. 1 spot from Bertrand Grospellier. Bertrand Grospellier is now ranked 3rd, just below Eric Seidel.

Pros And Cons Of The EPL
In the second part of a two part series, Steve Ruddock looks at the pros and cons of the Epic Poker League from the perspective of the player

Past, Present And Future Of Playtech
A writer examines the past, present and future prospects of Playtech.

Country With The Best Players
PocketFives has introduced a new feature which tracks the countries with the best online poker players.

Owed Site Money
A player owed one of the major poker sites $3,000 and had not yet repaid them when ‘Black Friday’ made it impossible for him to do. He wonders what effect this could have on him if he does not find a way to settle that debt.

2011 Americas Cup of Poker
For the second consecutive year Canada has won the Americas Cup of Poker which was held at the Mantra Resort, Spa and Casino in Uruguay.

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