Best Texas Holdem Rooms


The immense rush of expansion and love for the Texas Hold’em poker in a specific way, and poker in general, has formed a whole new age band of poker lovers, and perhaps driving several of the older generations into semi-retirement, at least out of playing poker as a professional. No one is absolutely convinced if the interest in poker was emerged through the Internet that built an increase of online poker and online Texas hold’em rooms, but one thing is certain: there are thousands of poker types and gambling choices.

On the personal level, looking for a decent online poker game has to include 3 features:

Traffic, which is the number of poker players that reflects the ability to get a good level of poker skills and bankrolls?

Comfort, which is the capability of the online poker site to make me feel safe while wagering and gambling my money safely, using the bookmaker or the site.

Gameplay, meaning the online betting site’s ability to offer; is the online casino offering me a software that I will be looking at for nearly 10 minutes to several hours?

Looking for the best online poker site was not an easy task at all but I took some time to pick and narrow the list of online casinos and bookmakers into a small list of online poker rooms that, in my opinion and perspective as a professional in playing poker online, deserve being used. Optimistically, I hope that my report of the best online poker rooms will be lifting your expectations up to use my advices, regardless of the fact that some of the listed poker sites are not 100% perfect but with the multitude of elements, you might be able to determine your priorities in poker rooms and pick your bookmakers or online poker site.

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Offering $600 Match Free Bonus

PokerStars is the hosts the best online poker rooms in terms of size; is targeting poker players that give a certain priority to quality gaming online. Briefly, Pokerstars is a 1st class poker site, and is highly recommended.

Carbon Poker

Offering $555 Welcome Free Bonus

Carbon poker online betting site offers supreme promotions, not to mention the huge list of available games online. is one of the best online betting sites and is also a 1st class online gaming platform that we recommend.

Cake Poker

Offering 110% Free Bonus Match is one of the greatest in online poker rooms, grabbing you the opportunity to make extra betting awards and high payouts. Cakepoker is a highly recommended online betting site.

Doyles Room

Offering a Free Bonus of $550

Certified by the legendary Doyle Brunson, is a very impressive online poker site; the online gaming platform is highly recommended.

Keep in mind that it is smarter to use a multitude of online poker sites instead of picking one poker room and sticking to it; by registering and playing in several poker rooms, you earn the chance to benefit from various free bonuses, extra free money and higher betting awards. Remember that the internet’s best quality is providing choices, so use them. What is remarkable is that all the named sites above do not require any membership fees or registration cost; therefore, registering and joining any of these poker online sites is free. You might get attached to the best poker online site from the 1st gamble but honestly, I could not do that. Still, I had to narrow my list of best poker sites into the listed poker rooms above. For that particular reason, I use Cake Poker, play at Carbon Poker, while some days I use

Since we just mentioned Doylesroom, allow me to share my experience within this particular online betting panel; at, a very specific traffic is sometimes witnessed. At that particular time, I enjoy hanging out at doyles room, as well as on PokerStars. I hate the fact that I’m admitting it, but I can just feature as a starstruck as everybody else, every now and then, and when I figure out that someone is worth playing with, I enjoy the process of taking part in playing poker at that instance. For example, if I had missed on signing up to both sites, I wouldn’t have grabbed the chance to meet better online poker players and to learn some poker tricks from them.


Rank                      Name                                    Bonus                   Software

1                              PokerStars                          $600                    Proprietary

2                              Carbon Poker                    $600                    Merge Gaming

3                              Cake Poker                         $600                     Cake Gaming

4                              Doyles Room                     $550                     Cake Gaming

5                              Ultimate Bet                      $1,100                  Proprietary

Eventually, you will be noticing that you keep signing into the same online betting room knowing that the designated online casino is not giving you the best software and not even the best betting awards but you are stuck to the community inducted into that betting panel. I took part in playing poker in several high-tech poker rooms, appealing poker rooms but I found out later that none of the poker players was fun to play with. Sooner or later, you will find the best poker site and best poker room.


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