Announcing the arrival of another Poker platform, Cereus

Announcing the arrival of another Poker platform, Cereus

Las Vegas, U.S.A. – The poker phenomenon is a huge business in the U.S. and the UK.  Many World Series of Poker happen in both online and in the brick and mortar casinos around the world.  Poker enthusiasts excel in the games because of the variety of platforms and types of game plays being offered.

Poker news happens every few minutes and if you are not quick to read the poker news, you may be left behind and new news would have replaced the old one.

Of course, our aim is to give you updates when it happens, as it happen.  So, today we are giving one of the most important news in the poker world.

This is the launch of a new Online Poker Platform called Cereus.  This is a joint project of two popular online pokers sites, and is one of the veterans among online poker operators, while almost 10 years in operation.

Both these companies offer poker players updated poker softwares, poker promotions and excellent customer service.

This joint project is poised at improving the game play of their customers into a more improved and state of the art platform.

Paul Legette, CEO for both and believes that poker players of both websites will be thrilled at the launch of this new platform.

Cereus is going to be good experience for Poker enthusiasts and even new players will surely love this new poker platform.

The management believes that Cereus will deliver the best online poker experience to as many poker players as possible.  This will likewise improve the operations of both companies and will therefore deliver significant value and service to their customers.

The twelve month planning and preparation for the Cereus Poker platform is believed to allow both and to keep their unique operations while sharing as many players as possible, features and services that will benefit all their customers.

Let us welcome that new Poker platform and enjoy playing online.

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